Friday, November 2, 2012

Random thoughts

I miss the days of old when going to see Little Big Town would help me forget what was going on at home. I miss getting lost in the music and not having a care at that moment. I miss going to Walmart at 12 am and dancing down the aisle and breaking out little big town songs randomly. You see my friend of 13 years choose to stop being friends. So I have to ask God for help in letting go of the past and forgive her. It's tough when you want to go back to the good times and they aren't there anymore because they are just memories. So I am choosing to forgive Kim because its time to move on and let God do His work. It's tough to forgive when there had been a lot of hurt but it is necessary. I'm thankful for those times but i must forgive Kim and I am choosing to do so.
Dear Lord,
Lord please help me to forgive Kim so I can move on with my life. Lord help me to put my trust in You completely. Lord help me to surrender this to You. Lord take control of my life. Amen

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