Monday, October 20, 2008

We live and We Learn

In life we learn and grow from our mistakes. We try so hard to be the best we can. We try to do eveything our way even if our way is complicated. But we have to remembet that our ways get us in trouble. We have to believe that we cann't do things on our own we have to have God in our life to do that. Ya we want to prove to people we are t the best. We all that and a bag a cheese but inn reality we aren't rwho we act like around others. We may not like ourselves but if something you may have an inpact on someones life then ists well worth it.We go through life as fast as we can and sometimes we miss the best things in life like the smell of grass or the clouds after a storm or reactions from people who just experienced something great. We miss out on the little thing when we keep going and going and sometimes the little things are worth more then the big things like getting hugs from people you care about saying I love you to people reciving kisses from your dog or dogs. Watching little babys sleep.A quote that I lived by and still do to some extent is don't give up don't ever give up. Unknow. This is true up till when you giveove your life to God He the only one I surrender to. People will hurt you, people will treat you like crap Life will get complicated but remebr one thing 'Life is a vapor you fire and paper gonna make the most of it till its gone" Vapor By Little Big Town We need to make the most of every area of life. No matter how confusing life gets and how you cann't do anything right remember that your life is worth more then you will ever know.


We go through life making choices some good for us and some that make us regret ever living. When we wake up in the morning is when the first choice we make of the day comes into play. We have to choosehow we are gonna face the day and what to wear. We make choices wheter to eat breakfest or not. We choose our friends. We choose who we associate with. We make choices everyyday of our life. we choose to be happy and we choose to drink or make complete fools out of ourseles.I made a choice to stop talking with someone but then i realized my choice was wrong because in that choice I set up myself for isolation and going out and having fun. We cna choose to live with passion. The best choice I ever made was accpeting Christ into my life and everyone has the chocie.